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AVE, HELLO – Massage therapy is a body language for appeasement and inner peace. Only the precision of the message from the body can bring the required quality, which means a specific attention and a different perception for each body, spirit and being as a whole.

Annick Van Essche*, founder of AVE Massage, got inspired in her art of massaging through training in various workshops. Very early she was drawn to the art of dance that now gives her the grace to her movements, of music -transcending the mind for the unspoken sensitivity- as well as the art of acting bringing a third dimension to the dance and the music by a deeper perception of the other one, like customizing each time a new character for a different play. Through acting she also deepened the discipline and dedication to what she does.
Obviously for Annick, practicing massage became a continuity to her curriculum, a alchemy from dance, music and acting to serve the well being.

AVE Massage is the ripening of a practice integrating this holistic concept. It’s a movement towards the other, a careful greeting, a wish for peace and tranquility, a gift for well being, modestly helping towards our natural quest for happiness that each of us is seeking.

This open-minded view is an essential part of the massages and training given that you can experience at AVE Massage:



– Harmony Massage (California-Ayurvéda-Bali)
– Massage for pregnant woman
– Parents introduction to infant massage
– Lymph drainage
– Chair massage AMMA (Working places & Events)




* Annick Van Essche is :

– Graduated in: enseignement supérieur en Animation socioculturelle des Loisirs et du Tourisme (Enseignement supérieur en Economie).

– Licentiate in theatrical studies (Université catholique de Louvain).

She received multiples formations : classical dance, plastic and scene art, communication, massage (sensitive massage, chair massage, lymphatic drainage, baby massage instructor), several other corporal technics.


Status :
AVE Massage is an Productions Associées asbl Smartbe activity.
Reference : 0831AveMassage
BCE : 0896.755.397

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