Harmony Massage (California-Ayurvéda-Bali-Japan)

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Recreate a natural rhythm


« A balance between several methods »

The purpose of a Harmony massage given according to AVE massage is to reach a better personal harmony, on a physical level as well as on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level.
The massage is a tool that addresses the person’s quest for a better awareness of her needs.
The harmony massage is inspired by different methods: Ayurveda, Californian, Swedish Balinese and Japanese massages.

Ayurveda: rub, pressure and vibrations on specific area that induce the relaxation of different body organs like the skin, the muscles, the bones, the tendons. It also has a detox effect. It improves the quality of sleep and helps reducing stress, leaving you with a sensation of lightness.

Swedish massage: the moves are slow, soft but firm, comforting. They alternate petrissage, effleurage and balancing, which produce a feeling of well being. Continuity and symmetry are the key elements of the Swedish massage.

Balinese massage: renown for its Balinese stretching, it is a mix of various Asian knowledge. From it, the Harmony massage particularly puts emphasis on the gentle stretching, which make you feel beautifully rested.

Japanese massage is mostly based on energy points relating to different parts of the body.

The complete Harmony massage from AVE massage takes place on a heated massage table, where your complete body will receive the massage, except for the private zones.

1 short variation of it is available for the typical tense areas:

The Japanese head and face massage 

(Harmony massages are for women only)

There is also a Harmony massage for children (age 3-10)


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