Introduction to Infant Massage

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To those little ones, one has to speak to their skin
One has to talk to their back,
which are as thirsty and hungry
as their tummy

Frederick Leboyer


AVE Massage is offering a workshop to the parents that will train them to massage their babies between the age of 0 and 7 months. The training is based on the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) protocol, developed by Vimala Mc Clure. An Indian method inspired her to conduct surveys in the United States on how the touching of babies can influence their physical and mental development. Those surveys helped to create a protocol that also integrates the elements of Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga**.


The benefits of Infant Massage are numerous. It improves the quality of their sleep, brings them calmness and serenity as it reinforces their sense of safety with the close relatives in contact with them. It also stimulates their digestive, respiratory and muscular system. If massaging a baby can have a beneficial effect on the nervous system as it can help, for example, soothe a tooth or belly ache, it can also help the brain and cognitive faculties to develop (learning of speech…)

Training of parents

The parents are introduced to this technique by a IAIM certified instructor. The training includes the progressive learning of a simple set of movements, one part of the body at a time. The baby is only touched by the parents, the instructor is using a doll. The parents will adapt their massage according to the needs they will feel their baby expresses.

A enhanced relationship

The massage gives the opportunity for the parents to enhance their relationship with their baby. The massage is a special quality time shared between them and their baby, a time of well being. The parents are completely present for their little one. The touching communicates to them an intense moment of sharing, of love with respect and mindfulness. The parents will experience less stress, cries and negative feelings because they will develop an intuitive perception of their child.

Back at home, as you massage your baby, this precious time will become very special, like a moment of genuine communication embellishing the whole atmosphere of the family.


** Vimala McClure, Infant Massage, Bantam Books, 2000 (ed originale 1979)


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