Massage for pregnant woman

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Appreciating a different beauty in your body
and the buoyant life inside yourself


The moves have been specially studied and adapted to respond to the
future mom’s needs. Her body is being intensely solicited, it is time
for her to treat herself and let herself be nurtured too.

Not only will she be relieved from some inevitable minor ailments from
her condition, but she will also benefit from the massage as she
regains comforting and quietening thoughts dissipating her possible
concerns about her pregnancy.

A massage is a break she allows herself, reuniting herself with this
extraordinary experience and this new life that radiate from her. The
massage is slow and soft, like a tribute. This ritual helps to fulfill
the future mother all along her pregnancy. The fruit of her desire
will also fully benefit from it for a very long time. The massage
encourages a healthy mind in a sound body in order to deliver a new
life, it also helps to benefit from a good physical and psychological
condition for the postpartum period.

The massage will help all along the pregnancy to create the loving
connection between the mother and her baby.


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