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Energy on workplaces and Well being during Events

The method called « AMMA ASSIS » adopted for sitting massage by AVE Massage is the one taught by Tony Neuman, founder of Touch Line©Institut. He modernized an ancient Asian discipline, which could be translated as « Calming with the hands. »

A sitting massage, also called « Chair Massage », gives an anti-stress break, an oasis of peace and quietness out of the business of life. That’s why it is mostly performed on workplaces. A 15 minute session is the average and it doesn’t require any preparations for the person being massaged remains fully dressed and the clothes won’t even get wrinkled. This is all possible thanks to a brilliant invention from the 80’s: the compact and ergonomic sitting chair from the American David Palmer, sold now around the world in its multiple variations. The original Asian method consists in the acupressure of the acupuncture points along the meridians of the body. The method of Neuman, David Palmer’s former student, consists in pressuring, knitting at the upper back, including head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands all the way down to the fingers and the hips with a pace of precise moves.

This massage relaxes the muscles, bringing back energy and vitality. It increases the flow of energy in the body and releases tensions, especially between the shoulders and in the neck but also in the lower back.


How we operate: Workplace and Events

The sitting massage is particularly well suited for workplaces, public areas (airports) or special events (seminars) where a short moment of rest and relaxation helps everyone to get re-energized.

It is perfect in a professional setting as well as private. It can contribute to bring well being during cultural events or parties. Feel free to ask for a personalized offer.


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